Mission - Vision



Our mission is to become the company with the highest level of recognition and tradition in the coal and coke markets in Colombia. As a serious organization that is responsible with the environment, its people and surroundings in general, by focusing our directive, administrative and operative actions in generating products that fully satisfy the needs of our customers and that guarantee the preservation and broadening of the current markets on a national and international level. Thus, complying with the expectations of shareholders, suppliers, collaborators and management and control government bodies.



Our commitment is to become the company with the highest ability and effectiveness, on a national level, in the marketing and national and international transportation of metallurgical and thermal coals and coke of different grades and grain sizes, fully complying with the quality, social security and industrial standards. Additionally, complying with the competitive price markets to guarantee success in different businesses and ensuring a sustainable development by taking into account environmental protection, responsibility with the social environment and financial growth.